Consult the most common questions here. For any After Sales questions concerning your bike, you must go to the Moustache dealer closest to you.

Advice on the range
Where can I buy a Moustache bike?

You will find a list of authorised Moustache dealers local to you on this page. It couldn’t be simpler: all you need to do is enter your town and post code! ;-{D

Where can I see the Moustache range and find out more about it?

We at Moustache Bikes are manufacturers of electric bicycles, but we do not have a factory outlet or a showroom that is open to the public.

All our bikes and accessories are available exclusively from official Moustache Bikes dealers.

Our complete range is featured on our website as well as in our paper catalogue available from our dealers. And of course each store has different models on display or available for test rides.

Which model should I choose?

As we believe that nothing beats personalised advice and an attentive ear when looking for the bike of your dreams, we recommend that you visit one of our authorised Moustache dealers who will be in the best position to guide you through the different bikes in our range.

And who knows, you might also be able to test one of the available bikes so you can make up your own mind! ;-{D

To do this, all you have to do is enter your town to locate the dealer closest to you just here.


Can I customise a Moustache bike?

Our bikes are delivered to the store in strict accordance with our catalogue listings. We do not produce specific models with option customisations in the factory.

On the other hand, it is possible to have a certain number of options or modifications made to your bike equipment directly in store. Contact your Moustache dealer to find out what options are available and their prices.

How much does a Moustache bike weigh?

The weights of the various models are displayed on our website in the product specifications of each model. The measurements shown correspond to an average observed on size M frames, including the battery and excluding pedals.
Therefore, the given weights may vary slightly (+/-5%) depending on the model and size of the bike.
To learn more about how we look at the weight and dynamism of our bikes, check out here.

Which size should I choose?

The sizes recommended by Moustache for each bike model are shown in the ‘geometry’ section on each product page.

There are 4 sizes of each model: S, M, L and XL. See the attached Moustache size chart.

In general, a user who is between 2 sizes can seek advice from an authorised Moustache dealer in order to choose the most suitable size based on the bike, and the user’s measurements and preferences.

What compatible accessories are there?


All our Moustache luggage racks are approved up to 25 kg, with the exception of the Lundi 27, which is approved up to 27 kg. Our Moustache by Ortlieb bag, available from Moustache dealers, is compatible with all of our luggage racks. Other brands and models are also compatible with our bikes. Please do not hesitate to consult your Moustache dealer for personalised advice.

Luggage rack/mudguard

Within our range, there are mudguard and luggage rack kits that are compatible with some of our non-equipped models: Dimanche 28, Dimanche 29 Gravel and Samedi 27 OFF2.
You will find more information on these products here.
Visit your local Moustache Bikes dealer for prices and to place an order.

Baby carrier/child seat

We recommend the use of approved seat models that attach to the luggage rack.
Our platform racks are approved up to 25 kg and can accommodate different models of child seats, such as those from Hamax, Thule, Polisport and Urban Iki.
Our Lundi 27 is equipped with a MIK HD luggage carrier and is approved up to 27 kg, which makes it compatible with the new generation of ultra-practical MIK baby carriers such as the Urban Iki and Polisport models.
See the attached compatibility sheet.
For personalised advice, please consult your Moustache Bikes dealer.

Bicycle carrier

We recommend using carrier systems which are attached to the tow ball of your vehicle and are compatible with ebikes (due to their weight). In particular, several models are offered by Thule who are renowned for the reliability of their equipment. Our bikes with a PowerTube battery integrated inside the frame are usually compatible with bike carriers whose mounting arms pivot to attach to the seat tube, for example.
For personalised advice, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer who will best be able to guide you on the various products on the market that are compatible with your Moustache bike.


To attach a trailer to the rear wheel of your bike, you often need to know the axle system, and the dimensions and thread of the wheel axle so that you can order compatible parts.
For personalised advice, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer who will best be able to guide you on the various products on the market that are compatible with your Moustache bike.

Trailers are strictly prohibited on Speed bikes.
It is also forbidden to use trailers on category 3
and 4 bikes (see page 8). Please note that Moustache Bikes shall accept no responsibility or warranty claims for the use of a trailer. There are many
different attachment systems for this equipment,
each with specific technical characteristics that can
weaken the structure of the bike.

…and what about on Moustache handlebars?

There are, in fact, adapters for paniers specially designed for our Moustache handlebars (for the Lundi 26 and 27, and the Samedi 28). These specific adapters allow you to attach most standard accessories to your handlebars. Find more information on our accessories page.
Please contact your authorised Moustache dealer for prices and to order the necessary part for your bike.

Why has the price of Moustache bikes gone up?

In this particular context due to the sanitary crisis and the unprecedented increase in demand for bicycles, we have been encountering for several months some difficulties related to components supply resulting in longer lead times.

This exceptional situation in our industry has led to an increase in our purchase prices from our suppliers (increase in the cost of raw materials, additional investments to increase capacity, etc.). At the same time, we have also been facing for several months an increase in the costs of maritime transport from Asia.

We are no longer able to absorb the general increase in those costs that is consequently reflected in the recorded public prices.

For more information, we invite you to contact your authorised Moustache dealer.

Availability / Delivery
I would like to know if a bike is available

To find out the availability of a specific model in a store, please contact directly the store in question and they will be able to provide you with more information.

Availability and delivery times for each bike may differ from store to store, depending on the models they already have in stock or any orders in progress.

When will I receive my Moustache bike?

To find out the delivery date for a bike you have reserved, please contact your Moustache retailer directly and they will be able to provide you with more information.

Can I buy directly from the Moustache factory?

We at Moustache Bikes are manufacturers of electric bicycles, but we do not have a factory outlet and do not sell directly to individuals.

All our bikes or accessories are available exclusively from our official Moustache dealers.

So please contact a Moustache dealer near you who will best be able to advise you on our range and availability.

Why is there a delay announced on my Moustache bike delivery in 2022?

Dear customers,

In this particular context due to the sanitary crisis and the unprecedented increase in demand for bicycles, we have been encountering for several months some difficulties related to components supply resulting in longer lead times.

This is an extremely delicate situation that we are working on every day.

To this day, the delivery delays are estimated in between 8 to 12 weeks on average depending on the bike model. Our teams are fully dedicated to shorten these delays and we are communicating on a daily basis with our dealers network to respond to your legitimate requests.

We insist that your dealer remains your exclusive point of contact in order to best answer all your questions.

The entire Moustache Bikes team is fully mobilized to produce and deliver high quality bikes as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Moustache Bikes team

Technical Questions / After-sales Service
Is my bike compatible with the Bosch ConnectModule?

The necessary crankcase for EMTBs should be available within a few months.
Enter your email address below to get notified as soon as it is available for purchase!

By submitting this form, I agree that the information entered may be used by Moustache Bikes for the purpose of sending newsletters and marketing communications. To learn more about the management of your personal data and your rights, read our privacy policy.

You’re in, you will get notified as soon as the EMTB motor housing is available for purchase.
What are Moustache’s warranty conditions?

The warranty is limited to 5 years for the frame and 2 years for bicycle components as well as the Bosch motor system, from the date of purchase.

For any warranty claim, visit your authorised Moustache dealer with your purchase invoice. The dealer will carry out an initial diagnosis and contact us if necessary. Normal wear of certain parts (known as wearing parts) is not covered by the warranty.

List of the various wearing parts:
– Braking elements (pads, discs)
– Tyres, inner tubes, rim tape
– Cables and housing
– Drivetrain elements (chain, chainring, cassette, pulley wheels, chain guide)
– Headset bearing
– Grips and bar tapes

Where can I find spare parts?

All our spare parts and accessories are available exclusively from official Moustache dealers. Visit a store to find out the price and to order the right part for your bike.

Who should I contact regarding complaints or repairs?

Your Moustache dealer is your point of contact to provide after-sales service on your Moustache bike. They have all the tools to analyse, troubleshoot and repair your bike, or to simply advise you, and they are in contact with our technical and sales teams for any requests for assistance or support from our brand.

You will find all the contact details of official Moustache dealers near you by entering your post code.

I have a problem with my Bosch battery and/or motor

In the event of a problem with one of your Moustache bike’s drive elements, please see your dealer for a precise analysis of the bike using the Bosch tools they have at their disposal. Your store can then contact Bosch after-sales service directly for a support request.

You will find all the contact details of official Moustache dealers near you by entering your post code.

I have a problem that requires help from the after-sales service

Visit your Moustache dealer for a precise analysis of the problem you have encountered. Your store can then contact our technical team and make a request to Moustache’s after-sales service.

You will find all the contact details of official Moustache dealers near you by entering your post code:

I can’t identify the problem with my bike

Visit your Moustache dealer for a precise analysis of the problem you have encountered.

You will find all the contact details of official Moustache dealers near you by entering your post code.

About My Moustache Bike
How do I adjust my shock?

Shock sag is the first adjustment to be made and this is essential on our mountain bikes! It is also very easy to forget to do this… so here’s how we do it:

If you are alone, stand near a wall (it will help you stay upright at the beginning and the end), but it is best if there are two of you for this process. Of course, you have to be fully kitted up as if you were off for a ride, so that the total weight is your actual weight during use.

1- Inflate the shock to the base pressure corresponding to your weight. It’s easy on our bikes: this corresponds approximately to your weight multiplied by 2 (to find the equivalent in PSI). So if you weigh 75 kg, multiplying that by 2 gives you a pressure of 150 PSI. Easy! ;-{D
Please note that sag is always measured with the shock in the open position!

2- Then climb on your bike, with the saddle low (if you have a dropper seat post, of course), either by holding on to the wall, or with someone else’s help. At this point, you are putting the suspension under rather more strain than just your weight. Sit in the saddle and then raise it up to your usual pedalling position.
Let go of the brakes (these block the operation of the suspension) and shake your handlebars slightly to make sure the suspension is properly locked to the sag corresponding to your weight.

3- Now we come to the complex part of the process, where your balancing talents can be put into practice!
If there are two of you, it’s easy: the other person looks at where the sag-measuring o-ring is in relation to the measurement indicator on the frame. And that’s it!
If you are alone, unfortunately, you will have to slide the o-ring up until it comes into contact with the body of the shock, without shaking the suspension, then manage to get off the bike with the help of the wall (without applying the slightest additional pressure as this could distort the measurement!). Granted, it’s not easy… but it’s doable!

Once off the bike, and if you are sure you have not distorted the measurement, look at where the o-ring is in relation to the indicator.
If you have less sag than the recommended measurement, you will have to remove air using the pump. If you have too much sag, you will have to add more air.

You will find our tuning tips starting on page 19 of the Moustache user manual.

How do I adjust my fork?

The recommended fork settings and pressure are specific to each brand and model of fork. It is usually recommended to check with the fork manufacturer to find out what they recommend according to your weight.

You will find some advice on settings on pages 63 of your Moustache user manual.

What tyre pressure should I set for my Moustache?

Depending on the level of comfort and performance desired, it is possible to adjust the tyre pressure. However, do not exceed the maximum pressure shown on the sidewall of the tyre or the tyre may burst.

A slightly under-inflated tyre will be more flexible and will be able to absorb small irregularities in the ground, like suspension, for greater comfort. Be careful, however, not to lower the pressure too much as you risk causing a pinch puncture.

Also pay attention to what pump pressure gauges show as they can sometimes be very inaccurate. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance and advice from your dealer.

What about recycling?

Since the company’s launch in 2012, Moustache has continuously invested in limiting waste and preserving the environment.

Under the aegis of Union Sport et Cycle, the French cycle industry has decided to pool its resources to offer an efficient battery recycling solution.

Therefore, Moustache has signed an agreement with COREPILE, an eco-organisation approved for the portable battery sector for more than 15 years, offering a voluntary solution for the efficient and secure recycling of electrically assisted bicycle batteries.

What about security for my Moustache bike?

There are many solutions on the market to secure the various components of your bike (saddle, wheels, etc.) if you need to park it outside. Depending on how you use your bike, you can equip yourself with accessories to prevent (or delay) your bike being dismantled. This, for example, is what the solutions from Zefal and Abus offer. Please do not hesitate to ask your dealer, who will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your bike.

Our Moustache bikes are not yet equipped with a built-in geolocation system, and that’s for several reasons: our partner, Bosch, does not currently offer any solution of this type, and their motors do not allow location systems external to the motor to be powered. In our opinion, there is not yet a 100% reliable technology solution on the market to date that allows you to find a stolen bike (the accuracy of most systems is insufficient in towns in particular, and even useless if the bike is in a cellar or on the second floor of a building). There is also no ‘universal’ system that works in France and abroad, so the system would have to be adapted for each country where our bikes are sold, which is impossible for our company to manage at this stage. Finally, we do not want to impose a tracking system on our users, which would involve a significant additional cost which is not justified or necessary for everyone.

Nevertheless, we are well aware of the issues and the increasingly frequent thefts of electric bikes despite the existence of serial and registration numbers, etc. Our team is working closely with our partner on a medium-term solution that will allow Moustache users to secure their bikes better.

Please contact a Moustache dealer near you who will be able to advise you on the best accessories that are compatible with your bike and share with you any feedback as a dealer. You will find a list of stores closest to you here.

How are Moustache bikes made?

Since the launch of our brand in 2011, all our Moustache bikes have been designed, tested and assembled by us in the Vosges mountains.This is not just a marketing gimmick. Our bikes are created by riders for riders, of all profiles, and this can be felt the moment you grip the bars of one of our bikes.

However, not all the parts and elements that make up our bikes are produced in our factory; we have to call on specialised suppliers for various components. This is particularly the case with our hydroformed aluminium frames – the centrepiece of our bikes – the quality of which is essential and which have been manufactured for us in Taiwan by our long-standing partner for 10 years.

So in the Vosges mountains we receive our frames and the various components from our suppliers (such as Bosch motors from Germany, Brooks saddles from England, Supernova lights from Germany, etc.), then the final assembly of each bike is carried out by us, by a single fitter. Each year, we train new employees on our production lines and this way we have already been able to create ten new jobs in just a few years – one of the things we are most proud of.

We aspire to always bring more activity and added value locally to our factory in Thaon-Les-Vosges, which is why we are developing specific new production lines for manufacturing parts such as wheels, for example.

When and where should my bike be serviced?

As shown on pages 40–41 of our user manual, we recommend having your Moustache bike serviced and maintained regularly (first service recommended after 400 km or 3 months of use, then approximately every 2000 km). You can visit any authorised Moustache dealer for this. A list of dealers can be found on our website.

In-store support may be subject to charge. Commercial policy is specific to each store, so please inquire with your dealer beforehand.

What if I lose my key?

You will find all the information regarding ordering a new key for your Moustache bike from our partner AXA.

Where can I find my bike’s key number?

The key serial number is the number on the key itself. This number needs to be recorded with your bike because it allows you to order a new key from AXA in the event of loss or theft. The number engraved on your wooden key ring is a Moustache ‘collection’ number. As with a work of art, this shows the total number of bicycles manufactured in our factory for each model since the launch of our brand in 2011. These unique key rings are tailor-made for us by our wood enthusiast friends at [IN’BÔ], our neighbours here in the Vosges mountains.

Where can I find the serial number?

Your bike’s serial number (or chassis number) can be found on the frame, behind the seat tube between the motor and the rear wheel. The serial number begins with the letter H and is followed by letters and numbers. This number may also appear on your purchase invoice. Please do not hesitate to contact your authorised dealer for more information.

Where can I find the approval certificate for my bike?

The certificate of conformity for your Moustache bike is directly available on our website, under the ‘Services> Supports’ tab.

For each year of construction of our bikes, there are two certificates of conformity: a certificate of conformity that is valid for all our hybrid bikes (urban, road and multi-purpose bikes) and a certificate that is valid for all our mountain bikes.

How to become a Moustache Bikes dealer
At Moustache Bikes, we want to build a strong relationship.

Our dealer partners who are important ambassadors of our brand.

The customer experience is a priority for us! That’s why we find it essential to offer our bikes in the best possible way to end users.

We want to be able to offer quality after-sales service for our products so we have chosen to rely exclusively on a network of professional bikes retailers who are trained to the specific ebike technologies.

Our development strategy abroad is to go where our partner BOSCH eBikes is present to offer a quality after-sales service to our customers.

If you’d like to become a Moustache Bikes dealer, please tell us a little more about you and your project at contact@moustachebikes.com

We’ll put you in touch with the Sales Manager in your area.


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