Samedi 27 Wide

Samedi 27 Wide opens your horizons!

Henry Ford said: "The mind is like a parachute, it only works if it is open". Opening the usage of a bike, a wider vision, is the sense of our Wide family and the DNA of Moustache from the very first day.

Ride, have fun, take pleasure!

This bike has been conceived to make you want to ride or get back into riding, and enjoy it, whatever your riding style. Designed to make MTB easier, it has a high end frame using the technology from our Trail and Game families, but equipped with suspension and accessories that prioritize comfort and ease of use. All you need to do is turn the pedals to feel the power of the Bosch Performance CX Smart System motor that accompanies you! Magic!

Nice frame! We could display it on the wall, but we designed it to be ridden ;)

The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum 6061 T4, and aeronautical quality T6, and discretely integrates the Bosch battery while lowering the center of gravity, to offer greater stability! The linkage is CNC forged and machined, and the bearings are oversized for optimized stiffness and reliability. For the same reasons, all the tubes are of variable thickness and reinforced in the zones under stress. The geometry prioritizes liveliness and ease of use. The progressive suspension kinematics, anti-kickback, and anti-front wheel lift are optimized to ensure maximum comfort. And in order to achieve the very best look, the double Tig welds are polished everywhere it's possible.

It's in part thanks to him that your rides become so much fun!

The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor, the reference for e-bike motors with 85Nm torque, its optimized eMTB mode and the "extended boost" function can now take your joy of riding to the next level via the connected functions of the Smart System: assistance modes adjustement, navigation, ride recap and more with the eBike Flow app.

A MAGIC shock!

It's so complicated to speak about it simply, as our Moustache shock is stuffed with exclusive technologies! We can just tell you that it has been developped not only to absorb all the bumps to give you superior comfort, all while offering increased security through its better grip for the wheels, but its dynamic rebound control system also enables the bike to keep it's front wheel on the ground in the steepest climbs. Too good! And to make your life easier, it is simple to adjust thanks to its "Sag" indicator!

To serve you!

The Samedi 27 Wide is equipped with a Shimano 11 or 12 speed drivetrain with a wide range so you can climb up the walls, or almost ;) and progressive powerful brakes for maximum control. Its handlebar is wide, but not by too much, to offer stability, agility and an ease of use. The ergonomic Selle Royal Essenza saddle offers generous padding and a flexible cover for optimized comfort, and a dropper seatpost which allows you to instantly vary the saddle height, an incredible advantage when tacking a steep descent or simply wanting to easily plant your feet on the ground.

Samedi 27 Wide

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