Samedi 26 FAT 4

5 999 €

Samedi 26 FAT 4

5 999 €
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* Generally observed price

Prova questa bici

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FAT 4, alluminio 6061 T4-T6, tubi idroformati a spessore variabile, tubo sterzo conico 1"1/8-1"1/2, integrazione batteria Bosch PowerTube (orizzontale), compatibile con pneumatici 26x4,8, mozzo posteriore 12x197 mm

Morsetto sella

Moustache, alluminio, 34.9mm

Serie sterzo

FSA, Nr 57B-1


Manitou, Mastodon Comp Extended, comando di ritorno e di blocco esterno, escursione 100 mm, 15 x 150 mm


Bosch, Performance Line CX, 250W, Smart System, 85 Nm


Bosch, PowerTube 625Wh, orizzontale, Smart System


Bosch, 4Ah


Moustache, alluminio 6061E, saldati, 32 fori, 26", 80 mm di ampiezza interna

Mozzi Anteriori

Moustache, 32H, 15x150 mm, perno passante


Maxxis, Minion FBF, 26x4.80

Mozzi Posteriori

Moustache, 32H, 12x197 mm, perno passante

Attacco manubrio

Moustache, alluminio forgiato 3D, 60 mm


Moustache, alluminio, 760 mm, rise 15 mm, backsweep 9°, upsweep 5°


SB3, Race


Moustache, ergonomico


EXA, 900i, telescopico con comando remoto, 31,6 mm


Shimano, Deore, CS-M5100, 11 velocità, 11-51T


Sram, PC1110, 11 velocità, 124 collegamenti

Deragliatore posteriore

Shimano, Deore, RD-M5100-SGS, 11 velocità

Leve del cambio

Shimano, Deore, SL-M5100-IR, 11 velocità


alluminio forgiato, 170 mm, specifiche per FAT, offset 30 mm


Narrow-Wide, 34 denti, specifiche per FAT


Piattaforma in alluminio con catarifrangenti

Freni Anteriore

Shimano, BR-M6120, freno a disco idraulico, 4 pistoni

Dischi Anteriori

Shimano, 203mm

Freni Posteriore

Shimano, BR-M6120, freno a disco idraulico, 4 pistoni

Dischi Posteriori

Shimano, 203mm








S (1,50 -1,68m) M (1,65 - 1,83m) L (1,81 - 1,95m)


Pastel Mint glossy


Distanza massima, calcolato per un pilota di 70 kg in condizioni ideali. Stima dell'autonomia della batteria e-bike .


5 anni per il telaio e la forcella Moustache Bikes - 2 anni per motore, batteria (oppure 500 cicli) e accessori


Bosch, Purion 200, Smart System, compatto, schermo a colori, navigazione, "Walk Assist".

Bosch Connect Module (BCM)

Bosch Connect Module (BCM) compatibile


Conseils sur la gamme

Which size should I choose?

For the best cycling experience, choosing the right size is the first step. Keep calm ! At Moustache, we understand the importance of comfort when cycling. That’s why, to meet the needs of every body type, our models are available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

On each product page, in the “geometry” section, you’ll find the sizes recommended by Moustache for the specific model. This information helps you make an informed decision based on your body shape and riding preferences.

What do I do if I fall between two sizes?

If you find yourself between two sizes and you’re not sure, the first thing that will steer you towards one model or another will be your inseam and your preferences. To be sure of your choice, don’t hesitate to contact an authorised Moustache retailer.

Our partners are trained to offer you personalised advice based on your size, bike configuration and individual preferences !

How much does a Moustache weigh?

The weight of our Moustache bikes varies depending on the model and configuration. We understand that weight can be an important factor in choosing your new bike.

You’ll find this information at the bottom of our product pages in the “specifications” section, which corresponds to an average weight recorded on our M size frames, including battery and without pedals. The weights shown may therefore vary slightly (+/- 5%) depending on the size of the frame and the various product specifications.

At Moustache, we strive to design bikes that offer an optimal balance between lightness, durability and handling.

If you have specific questions about the weight of a particular model, or if you need help choosing the bike that best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts and authorised dealers. We’re here to guide you in your choice and ensure a top-notch riding experience! 🚴‍♂️✨

Where can I buy a Moustache bike?

You will find a list of authorised Moustache dealers local to you on this page. It couldn’t be simpler: all you need to do is enter your town and post code! ;-{D

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